Lying About the Lord: Many People Exaggerate How Often They Attend Religious Services

Atheism and non-belief are growing rapidly in America, however, it is still considered one of the most religious countries in the world. Yet, saying you’re religious and being religious are two separate things and a recent study by Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) suggests that many Americans greatly exaggerate how often they attend religious services.

PRRI conducted two surveys, structured to be as identical as possible, using similarly sized, nationally representative samplings. 2,002 participants were asked the same questions, one group, via the phone, and another via an online survey.

36 percent of Americans who took the survey over the phone said they attend religious services weekly or more. Only 31 percent said the same when answering the question online. In contrast, 30 percent asked over the phone said they seldom or never go to a weekly service. Online, that percentage jumped up to 43.

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Photo by naypinya

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