Roger Ailes Had Fox News Employees Compile 400-page Dossier on Journalist

Two full years before New York magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman published a book about Roger Ailes, a book-length memo about him made the rounds inside Fox News.

It has all the markings of “opposition research” about a political enemy — which is precisely how Ailes viewed Sherman.

The memo, obtained by CNNMoney from two anonymous sources, is a stunning display of Ailes’ campaign-like strategies. It includes, among other things, property records, voter registration information, and a note that the researchers could find no criminal record for Sherman.

A printout from the Westlaw database contains his past and present addresses and details of his mortgage.

Another part of the briefing book, dated January 18, is a 41-page “Internet dredge” of notable tweets by Sherman, blog comments about him, and a New York Times write-up of his wedding.

Still another part, titled “Gabriel Sherman Hit List,” is a detailed look at Sherman’s reporting and commentary about Republican power brokers, media personalities and Fox News personnel.

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